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myPower for iPod Reviews

"... myPower is currently the only iPod battery accessory with such offerings [USB, FireWire, Line-Out ports, and its ability to recharge compatible mobile phones]." Review

"Extended battery lets me extend my iPod battery life by over a day."
CNET Review

"Is it possible to nearly triple your iPod's battery life [with myPower for iPod]? And the answer is yes..."

"... she has gotten at least three times the length of the myPower charge than she was getting with the original. She's happy, therefore I'm happy." Review

"... the perfect fix for people whose iPod batteries have died or worn out, or just want an extra power boost when the iPod’s internal battery runs low."
The Different District Review

"[myPower] also sports three sets of soft sizer pads inside its full-sized iPod clip to fit different iPod thicknesses, a very nice touch. The line out port is an even nicer touch."
Macsimum News

"Extended battery lets me extend my iPod battery life by over a day."

"Avid iPod listeners looking for extra battery life...may want to take a look at Tekkeon's new myPower."
The Mac Observer

"myPower combines the power of a rechargeable battery with the convenience of a portable dock. Now you can use just one device to power and sync your iPod on the go."


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