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“WOW, I have to tell you what an amazing portable battery your MP3450. We spent 35 days climbing Mount Logan, North America’s 2nd highest mountain and while I had the physical energy, I was amazed at the power of this portable battery. Through 35 nights of -25c with it dipping to -34.5c, the battery was simple tossed into the tent or ice cave, while we survived the 100 mph winds and freezing cold. An to our surprise after the storms, the being trapped in an ice cave for 5 days, the MP 3450 worked when we needed it the most.

What an amazing little, light battery that when called upon, when our lives depended on charging our satellite phone to call for a plane or charge up our notebook, it was there…WOW! I recommend anyone working, living or playing in the outdoors to stop looking, this little battery is a life saver when needed and an amazing part of all future Expeditions!”

James Coleridge

"The Tekkeon MP3450 works as advertised, and costs the same as a replacement laptop battery. I use mine in combination with the Brunton Solaris 26 solar panel for remote power anywhere. I definitely recommend it!"

Watch the video review on the ForesakenTrails website.

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