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myPower ALL FAQ

Charging myPower ALL
Using myPower ALL
General Information


1. Will myPower ALL work with my device?
  myPower ALL works with hundreds of personal electronic devices. For a list of compatible devices, go to:

2. If my device is not listed on the compatibility list, will it work with myPower ALL?
  myPower ALL works with most devices that require 19V or less. The compatibility obstacle for myPower ALL is the physical connection to the power jack. Device manufacturers all use varying types of jacks, so an adapter must be used to connect the myPower ALL cable to the device.

The adapters that fit a majority of the jack types are included with myPower ALL. However, if you cannot find your specific model in the compatibility list, but see similar models, it is likely that myPower ALL will work with your device. You can assume that the model has not been included in the compatibility list, as we have not yet identified the adapter type on that specific device.

Tekkeon makes every effort to identify the adapter plug requirements of new devices. However, due to the large number of devices available, we are not able to identify the adapter requirements for every device.

3. Will myPower ALL work with my laptop?

myPower ALL will power and/or charge virtually all laptops and most other portable devices that require 19V or less, and most 5V portable devices via a USB port. To charge larger notebooks that require up to 20V/3.5A, MP3450 should be used.

myPower ALL comes with adapters for most major brands of laptop computers. Apple laptops and some Dell laptops require adapters that are not included with myPower ALL, but are available at the Tekkeon Store. Please note that myPower ALL will not work with Apple laptops with 17” screens, or MacBook laptops with the proprietary MagSafe power adapters. For a list of compatible devices, go to

Note:  You can optimize the use of myPower ALL with your laptop computer by setting the voltage on myPower ALL to less than the required voltage. This prevents myPower ALL from charging the device, thus extending the amount of time you can use myPower ALL to power your laptop.

4. Will myPower ALL work with other devices, like my blow dryer?
  myPower ALL works with devices that require 20V DC or less. As larger electronic devices require much more power, myPower ALL can be used only with personal electronic devices with a DC input.


5. How do I know which adapter to use with my device?
  The size of each adapter plug varies to match the device. To determine which adapter to use, connect each of the included adapters to your device. The correct adapter will fit securely.

6. Will the same adapter work for all my devices?
  The type of adapter required depends on the device. Several of the most common adapters are included with myPower ALL. If your other devices require different adapters, you simply remove one adapter and replace it with the second adapter. Most adapters not included with myPower ALL can be purchased through the Tekkeon Store.

7. Can I obtain adapters that are not included with the myPower ALL?
  Yes. For a nominal fee, you can purchase additional adapters from the Tekkeon Store.

8. Can I obtain a replacement adapter if I lose one?
  Yes. For a nominal fee, you can purchase replacement adapters from the Tekkeon Store.

Charging myPower ALL

9. Do I have to charge myPower ALL before I use it?
  Yes. Like any new device battery, myPower ALL must be charged before it is used.

10. Does myPower ALL come with a power adapter?
  myPower ALL comes with an AC/DC power adapter.

11. How long does it take to charge myPower ALL?
  myPower ALL charges in 4 hours.

12. How long can I use myPower ALL with my device before recharging it?
  The length of time myPower ALL can be used to power and/or charge your device depends on the device it is charging. Following is the approximate time that myPower ALL will power each device:

Portable Device Power on the Go
MP3450 R3 or MP3450i R3

MP3450 R3 or MP3450i R3
with Extended Battery

Laptop 4 hrs* 8 hrs*
Pocket Video Camera 23 hrs 46 hrs
e-Reader 117 hrs 234 hrs
GPS 23 hrs 46 hrs
iPad 23 hrs 46 hrs
iPhone 4/iPhone 4S 50 hrs 100 hrs
iPod touch 112 hrs video
640 hrs audio
224 hrs video
1280 hrs audio
Mobile hot spot 16 hrs of talk time 32 hrs of talk time
Mobile phone 70 hrs of talk time 140 hrs of talk time
MP3 Player
48 hrs 92 hrs
Portable DVD Player 7 hrs 14 hrs
Portable Media Player 14 hrs of video
34 hrs of audio
28 hrs of video
68 hrs of audio
Smart Phone 50 hrs 100 hrs

*Hours shown are approximate and will vary depending on connected device. Extra run time for 17" laptops will be lower.

MP3450 will power virtually all laptops for which an adapter is available and will charge most laptops that draw up to 64W output power from the device power adapter.

Using myPower ALL

13. How does myPower ALL work?
  myPower ALL is a rechargeable lithium ion battery. Before use, myPower ALL must be charged using the included power adapter. Once charged, myPower ALL is connected to a personal electronic device through its power jack. While myPower ALL is connected, it powers and charges the device battery, so the device can be used while its battery is being charged. myPower ALL discharges power as it powers and charges a device, so it eventually must be recharged.

14. What do I need to use myPower ALL?
  You need your device that is to be charged, myPower ALL, the appropriate power adapter, and power output cord.

15. What's included with myPower ALL?
myPower ALL comes with:
AC/DC power adapter
Adapter kit with carrying pouch (quantity of tips vary depending on device)
Mini USB adapter tip (MP3450)
Power output cord
Retractable USB cable (MP3450)
Soft cover (MP3450)
User guide
Voltage detection guide (MP3450i)

16. Is myPower ALL easy to set up?
  Yes. With MP3450, you simply set and lock the voltage required by your device. With MP3450i, you set and lock the voltage using a manual dip switch.

17. Can I charge my mobile phone while I’m powering my laptop?
  Yes, you can charge your mobile phone or other 5V device at the same time you power your laptop.

18. What is the difference between the MP3450 and MP3450i?

The MP3450i battery provides a dip switch setting which enables users to connect and remove the battery without resetting the voltage each time. This battery is ideal for applications in which the battery is dedicated for use with one or two specific devices.

19. What tool do I use to adjust the dip switch (change the voltage) on the MP3450i?
  You can use a paper clip to adjust the dip switch settings.

20. How do I find the voltage for my device?
  The voltage specification can be found on the device power adapter label, or the device specification label, which is typically found on the bottom of the device.

21. Are there recommended voltage settings for each device type?
  Yes, the recommended voltage settings are as follows:

Device Type Voltage on Device Power Adapter Suggested Voltage on myPower ALL
Laptop Computer 14V 12V
16V 14V
19V 14V - 16V
24V 19V
Digital Camcorder 9V 7.5V - 9V
12V 9V - 12V
e-Reader V V
iPad V V
iPhone 5V 5V
iPod/MP3 or MP4 Player 5V 5V
Mobile Phone 3.7V - 5.7V 5V
Portable DVD Player 9V 7.5V - 9V
12V 9V - 12V
Portable Media Player 4.5V - 5V ? 5V
Smart Phone 3.7V - 5.7V ? 5V

22. What is the voltage for the myPower ALL charger?
  The voltage for the myPower ALL charger included with MP3450 and MP3450i is 100-240V.

23. Do I have to remove the batteries from my device to charge the batteries?
  No, you do not remove the batteries from the device. myPower ALL simply connects to the external power jack on your device.

24. Do all portable devices have a power jack?
  No, not all portable electronic devices include a power jack. myPower ALL can only be used with devices that include a power jack.

25. How many charge cycles does myPower ALL provide?
  Each myPower ALL battery will reduce to 70% of its capacity after 300 full charge and discharge cycles. Thereafter, the battery will continue to slightly diminish with each full charge and discharge cycle. It is important to note that a full charge cycle means that a battery is fully charged and discharged.

26. Can I connect batteries together to increase the capacity?
  Yes, you can use the MP3450-10, an extended battery to double the myPower ALL battery capacity. For R3 and R2 versions of MP3450 and MP3450i, you can add additional myPower ALL batteries via the 6-pin connector. The MP3450-10, additional batteries and connection cable are sold separately. The MP3450-10 includes the mounting bracket and is compatible with the MP3450 and MP3450i.

General Information

27. What safety features do Tekkeon batteries provide?
Flame-retardant plastics that exceed industry requirements
Control of battery voltage and charging current through standards-based algorithms
Safey mechanisms to prevent over-charging (over-discharging, over-current, short circuit)
Charge rates that comply with battery cell manufacturer recommendations

28. How long is the myPower ALL warranty?

myPower ALL comes with a one-year limited warranty.


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