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myPower ALL Features

Extra Power
MP3450 R3
(58 Wh)
w/ Extended Battery
MP3450i R3
(58 Wh)
w/ Extended Battery

Laptop Computer
4/8 hrs 4/8 hrs
e-Reader 117/234 hrs 117/234 hrs
GPS 23/46 hrs 23/46 hrs
The New iPad (iPad 3) 13/27 hrs 13/27 hrs
iPad 2/iPad 23/46 hrs 23/46 hrs
iPhone 4/iPhone 4S 50/100 hrs 50/100 hrs
iPod touch 112/224 hrs video
640/1280 hrs audio
112/224 hrs video
640/1280 hrs audio
Mobile Hotspot 16/32 hrs
16/32 hrs
Mobile Phone 70/140 hrs
talk time
70/140 hrs
talk time
MP3 Player 48/92 hrs 48/92 hrs
Pocket Video Camera 23/46 hrs 23/46 hrs
Portable DVD Player 7/14 hrs 7/14 hrs video
Portable Media Player 14/28 hrs video
34/68 hrs audio
14/28 hrs video
34/68 hrs audio
Smart Phone 50/100 hrs
talk time
50/100 hrs
talk time

Note: Hours shown are approximate and will vary depending on connected device. Extra run time for 17" laptops will be lower. myPower ALL will power virtually all laptops for which an adapter is available, and that draw up to 64W output power from the device power adapter. Each battery contains 4 grams of lithium, which is less than the FAA maximum of 8 grams for carry-on luggage.

Universal to power and charge hundreds of portable devices  
Includes adapters for connection to most major brands of portable devices
Voltage lock holds current voltage setting
Rechargeable lithium ion battery provides power on the go for many devices
Extendable to double the capacity; multiple myPower ALL batteries can be added to significantly increase the capacity
Preset voltages enable dedicated power setting on MP3450i
Power and charge your laptop and portable device at the same time via a bonus USB port
Visual indicators identify exact power level
Small and lightweight so it’s comfortable to carry
Designed with high degree of safety
Multi-layer protection circuitry to help prevent over-charging, over-discharging, over-
  current, short circuit
Flame-retardant plastics that exceed industry requirements
Design that minimizes heat
Small and lightweight so that it's comfortable to carry

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