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myPower ALL Reviews

The Tekkeon MP3450 is a rechargeable battery that can power and charge virtually all of your portable electronics. Includes nine common power tips to fit most common devices. LED indicators show exactly how much power is remaining.

The Tekkeon MP3450 works as advertised, and costs the same as a replacement laptop battery. I use mine in combination with the Brunton Solaris 26 solar panel for remote power anywhere. I definitely recommend it!"

"My search for a better notebook battery pack took me to Tekkeon - manufacturer of portable power products. Their myPower ALL MP3750 is a universal notebook battery pack that is better than my previous notebook battery in every possible way...Seriously, there is nothing negative I can find about the Tekkeon MP3750.... "

"This thing [MP3750] is really cool...this is going to make your life so much will add up to 7 hours of charge time to your laptop...If you buy a [Tekkeon MP3450 battery], here's the cool part, you can stack these things and...have a two-battery set and you're going to get up to 14 hours of extended battery which is really, really impressive." "

"Sleek. That is the word that seems to describe the Tekkeon MP3700 “myPower ALL Plus with Auto Detect” portable power unit the best. Boasting a smooth, nicely curved, shiny form with a simple button and LEDs on the top, this is one sharp-looking peripheral. Just looking at it, I knew this was going to be an exciting review ..."

"3Gstore has spent months looking at various external power supply solutions to satisfy our customer's need for operating their 3G routers in locations where common a/c power was not available ... the Tekkeon MP3450i is the right solution ..."

"Looking for a way to extend the run time on that Eee PC or Acer Aspire One that you got for Christmas? If so, then the Tekkeon MP3700 may be just the ticket for your power hungry ultra mobile device."
Gear Diary

"myPower ALL Plus charges and powers Smartphones,PDAs, Laptops and virtually any portable device simultaneously anywhere making it a versatile solution for the power needs of mobile devices, on the road and at home."
SmartPhone & Pocket PC Review

"A 'must-have' accessory"

"Editor's Pick - Best in Class 2007"

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"I said earlier that the MP3450 is one of the most compact and best-looking external batteries, and I wasn't kidding.... the MP3450 is utterly gorgeous and ultra portable in comparison."

"The unit looked great, and operated very smoothly [and] there were plenty of included adapters ... In regards to available power, the unit performed much better than expected, providing mass quantities of power to all of my gadgets with little fuss."

"... the myPower ALL is somewhat of a Gadget Guy's dream. It's sleek, easy to use and eliminates the need to buy certain extra batteries and I can now leave a number of my power adapters, including those for my camera and cell phone at home...the unit worked flawlessly with my cell phone and digital camera."
canoe network, Greg Gazin

"... It ran my portable Notebook really has nice LEDs on it... absolutely gorgeous looking piece, very small and very compact...I highly recommend it.
Ron Rosberg, Gadget Guru (MP3)

"The design and fit of the leather pouch was excellent....The unit powered right up with no problems.  Great... let's try something else.  How about a LCD TV?  We repeated the same steps (size, tip orientation, select voltage) and the TV powered right up.  Hey... this is great!"
Rainy Day Magazine Review


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