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myPower for iPhone FAQ

Using myPower for iPhone
General Information


1. With which iPhone models is myPower for iPhone compatible?
  myPower for iPhone is compatible with iPhone and iPhone 3G.

2. Is myPower for iPhone compatible with iPods?
Yes, myPower for iPhone is also compatible with the following iPod models:
iPhone 3G
iPhone 3G
iPod classic (80GB and 120GB)
iPod touch, 2nd generation*
iPod video (30GB)
*Note: The sleeve blocks the audio jack, however, the speaker can be used. Sleeve is ideal for use while browsing or sending/receiving email.

Using myPower for iPhone

3. How does myPower for iPhone work?

You can use myPower for iPhone to power your iPhone, or to charge your iPhone while connected to external power. When powering iPhone, myPower for iPhone will bypass the iPhone battery to power a connected iPhone, thus extending the overall life of the iPhone battery. The battery will not charge iPhone unless connected to an external power source.

myPower for iPhone is charged in two ways: by connecting to a USB power adapter, or to a USB port on a computer. The included USB cable is used to charge the device. If you are using an iPhone-compliant USB power adapter, you also may charge your iPhone at the same time by inserting the iPhone in the case while connected to an external power source.

As a bonus feature, myPower for iPhone doubles as a dock to sync iPhone to your computer when connected via the USB cable. In this case, myPower for iPhone will both sync and charge iPhone.

4. What do I need to use myPower for iPhone?
  You need your iPhone and a power source (either the computer or an iPhone-compatible power adapter).

5. What's included with myPower for iPhone?
myPower for iPhone comes with:
myGuard™ screen protector
USB cable
User guide

6. How long does it take to charge myPower for iPhone?
  An empty myPower for iPhone will charge in about 3 hours using an iPhone compliant power adapter. Both empty batteries can be charged in about 6 hours.

7. How will I know how much power is left in the battery?
  When your iPhone is docked into the case, the Battery Level Indicator on the bottom left side of myPower for iPhone will indicate the remaining capacity of the external battery.

General Information

8. How long is the myPower for iPhone warranty?

myPower for iPhone comes with a one-year limited warranty.


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