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Using myTune FM
General Information


1. With which iPod models is myTune FM compatible?
  myPower for iPod is made for iPod (3rd, 4th, 5th generation), iPod mini and iPod photo.

Using myTune FM

2. What do I need to use myTune FM?
  You need myTune FM, the power adapter, compatible iPod, and an FM stereo or radio.

3. Must I charge myTune FM before I use it?
  No. myTune FM plugs into your car adapter, so it doesn’t need to be charged before use.

4. Must I install software?
  No. myTune FM does not require software to play music on your FM stereo.

5. How many channels can I choose from?
  myTune FM includes seven FM channel selections.

6. How does myTune FM mount on my car?
  A mounting clip on the back of myTune FM mounts the device to your car vent. The clip can be rotated to attach to vertical or horizontal vent flaps.

When placed in myTune FM, iPod is positioned at eye level for easy viewing.

7. How does myTune FM work?
  When placed within 15 feet of your car stereo, myTune FM transmits music from your iPod to your stereo, which is tuned to the same channel as that on myTune FM.

8. Can I download or manage music when iPod is connected to myTune FM?
  Yes. myTune FM is equipped with a standard mini USB 2.0 port. To download music from your notebook computer, you will need a USB 2.0 cable (not included).

9. Can I charge my iPod with myTune FM?
  Yes, you can charge iPod when it is docked in myTune FM and the power adapter is connected.

10. Can I charge my iPod without playing transmitting music to my car radio?
  Yes, a power switch on myTune FM controls the music transmission to your car radio. To charge your iPod without listening to the music on your car radio, simply turn the power switch to Off.

11. Can I use myTune FM to play music on my home stereo?
  Yes, you can use myTune FM to transmit music to your home stereo. However, you will need to power myTune FM using the iPod power adapter and a FireWire cable. The cable is not included with myTune FM; but can be purchased at most computer stores.

12. Which features help ensure optimal reception?
  myTune FM includes a built-in antenna and is designed with a phase-lock-loop transmission system for minimal interference.

General Information

13. What's included with myTune FM?
myTune FM comes with:
myTune FM with mounting clip
iPod mini mounting clip
Car power adapter
Sizing pads (4 sets)
User Guide

14. How long is the myTune FM warranty?
  myTune FM comes with a one-year limited warranty.

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