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NavDock™ FAQ

Using NavDock
General Information


1. With which iPod and iPhone models is NavDock compatible?
  See Compatibility for a complete list of compatible iPod and iPhone models.

2. With which format TVs is NavDock compatible?

NavDock is compatible with both PAL and NTSC formats. A switch on the back of NavDock enables you to switch between NTSC and PAL.

Using NavDock

3. What do I need to use NavDock?
  You need NavDock and its power adapter, the remote control, an iPod/iPhone, a TV, and an AV or S-Video cable. The remote control, power adapter, and AV cable are included with NavDock.

4. How does NavDock connect to my TV?
  NavDock connects to your TV via the included AV cable or a third party audio cable (red and white).

5. How is NavDock powered?
  NavDock comes with a 100-240 VAC power adapter.

6. Do I need to use my iPod/iPhonePod to navigate through the on-TV menus?
  No. NavDock comes with an infrared remote that is used to navigate through the on-TV menus.

7. Can I navigate via the TV through all of my music stored on iPod/iPhone?
  Yes. NavDock enables you to navigate through your music directories on the TV screen.

8. What information about a song will NavDock display on the TV screen?
  NavDock will display the song number (within the current sequence of songs), song title, artist name, elapsed time and remaining time, and album art if it is included in the song’s audio file.

9. Will NavDock enable me to repeat a song?
  Yes, by pressing a button on the remote, you can repeat one song or repeat all songs in the current playlist.

10. Can I display lyrics for a song on the TV screen?
  Yes, you can view lyrics for a song if the lyrics are loaded onto your iPod/iPhone, and your iPod/iPhone supports this feature. Ensure your iPod/iPhone is upgraded to the latest software version.

11. Can I navigate via the TV through all of my videos stored on iPod/iPhone?
  Yes. NavDock enables you to navigate through the video directories of the following video iPods: iPod nano 3G, iPod classic, and iPod 5G (video).

12. Can I navigate via the TV through all of my photos stored on iPod/iPhone?
  The iPod/iPhone software does not allow for navigation of photos from an external dock. Therefore, you must navigate through your photos on iPod/iPhone, and then play the photo slideshow on the TV screen.

13. Will NavDock charge my iPod/iPhone while docked?
  Yes, NavDock will charge iPod/iPhone while it is docked, whether or not NavDock is powered on.

14. Are there any special settings on iPod/iPhone for use with NavDock?
  The only setting that is required is to view photos on the TV screen, you must set the TV Out option to "On".

15. Can I mute or change the volume using the remote control?
  Yes, the remote control contains a Mute key, and a Volume Up/Volume Down keys.

16. Can I skip to the next or previous song or video in a directory using the remote control?
  Yes, the remote control contains Skip Next and Skip Back keys.

17. Can I fast forward or rewind during a song or video using the remote control?
  Yes, the remote control contains Fast Forward and Rewind keys.

18. Can I use the remote control to pause a song or video?
  Yes, the remote control contains a Pause/Play key.


19. What are the Quick Keys?
  The remote control contains five quick keys that enable you to jump directly to the home page, Music menu, Photos menu, Videos menu and Settings menu.

20. Can I customize the screensaver?
  Yes, you can choose from the Tekkeon logo, or the Now Playing screen. And you can set the time after which the screensaver will appear.

21. How many color schemes can I choose from?
  You can choose from color schemes: Lime Twist, Pacific Ice, Mango Tango, and Bubblegum.

22. Can I turn off the album art to speed up the loading time?
  Yes, you can turn off the display of album art as the loading time may cause a delay. We highly recommend that you turn off album art when using NavDock with iPod touch as the loading time may be up to 40 seconds.

23. Which languages are supported by NavDock?
  NavDock supports English, Japanese and Spanish menus.

24. Can I access my equalizer (EQ) presets from NavDock?
  Yes, you can select an equalizer preset from NavDock.

General Information

25. How does NavDock work?
  NavDock is a dock for iPod/iPhone that connects to your TV to enable on-TV navigation through your music and video menus to play songs and videos on your TV. You may also display your photo slideshows on the TV.

26. What's included with NavDock?
NavDock comes with:
NavDock Home Media Center with On-TV Navigation
Remote Control
Power Adapter
AV Cable

27. Will my iPod/iPhone dock securely into NavDock?
  NavDock is designed to fit Apple universal dock adapters, so you should use the dock adapter provided with your iPod/iPhone.

28. How long is the NavDock warranty?

NavDock comes with a one-year limited warranty.


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