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TekCharge MP1860A
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TekCharge 1860A Reviews

"If you’re finding yourself without an electrical outlet, the TekCharge MP1860A can get your devices up and running at a very reasonable price."

"So we were thrilled to see Tekkeon release TekCharge MP1860A ($70), the most affordable Made For iPad battery pack to date."

"With all the gadgets we carry around the ability to charge or power more than one at time with a device that’s easily portable is a certainly a welcomed addition to any mobile warrior’s arsenal."
Canoe Tech

"For such a small battery charger that has a big charge that can last for hours, the TekCharge MP1860A from Tekkeon is a fantastic portable battery charger which can add extra life into your iPods, iPhones, MP3 players, smartphones, e-readers, video game or any other Mini/MicroUSB devices and more."
The Gadgeteer

"In other words this small battery is likely the only thing you need to bring with you for a full day, and night, of mobile computing."
Gear Diary

Tekkeon's TekCharge MP1860A turned out to be one of the better options out there for charging multiple devices. The small and pocketable size of the TekCharge makes it a great gear accessory at an affordable price.

"I’ve been charging anything I could find to charge, and still have not drained the TekCharge. I’m impressed to say the least."
The Mac Reviewcast

"If you are like us (NEVER without backup power), then this TekCharge should be in your day pack. If you run power hungry apps on your portable devices, then this TekCharge should be somewhere nearby."
Rainy Day Magazine

"In fact, I’ve been charging anything I could find to charge and still have not drained the MP1860A. I am impressed to say the least."

"A userful portable charger."





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