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TekCharge MP2250 FAQ

Using TekCharge MP2250
General Information


1. Will TekCharge MP2250 work with my device?
  TekCharge MP2250 has been specially designed to mount to and power CradlePoint travel routers CTR350, CTR500, and PHS300. The battery also will power other travel routers and 5V devices. For a list of compatible devices, go to: TekCharge MP2250 Compatibility

2. If my device is not listed on the compatibility list, will it work with TekCharge MP2250?

TekCharge MP2250 works with most devices that require 5V. The compatibility obstacle for TekCharge MP2250 is the physical connection to the power jack. Device manufacturers all use varying types of jacks, so an adapter must be used to connect the TekCharge MP2250 cable to the device.

If you cannot find your specific model in the compatibility list, but see similar models, it is likely that TekCharge MP2250 will work with your device. You can assume that the model has not been included in the compatibility list, as we have not yet identified the adapter type on that specific device.

Tekkeon makes every effort to identify the adapter plug requirements of new devices. However, due to the large number of devices available, we are not able to identify the adapter requirements for every device.


3. How do I know which adapter to use with my device?
  The size of each adapter plug varies to match the device. To determine which adapter to use, connect each of the included adapters to your device. The correct adapter will fit securely.

4. Will the same adapter work for all my devices?
  The type of adapter required depends on the device. When devices require different adapters, you simply remove one adapter and replace it with the second adapter. Most adapters can be purchased through the Tekkeon online store.

5. Can I obtain adapters that are not included with the TekCharge MP2250?
  Yes. For a nominal fee, you can purchase additional adapters from the Tekkeon online store.

6. Can I obtain a replacement adapter if I lose one?
  Yes. For a nominal fee, you can purchase replacement adapters from the Tekkeon online store.

Using TekCharge MP2250

7. How does TekCharge MP2250 work?
  TekCharge MP2250 has an internal lithium polymer, that powers and/or charges connected devices. While TekCharge MP2250 is connected, it powers and charges the device battery, so the device can be used while its battery is being charged. TekCharge MP2250 discharges power from its battery as it powers and charges a device, so the battery eventually must be recharged.

8. What do I need to use TekCharge MP2250?
  You need your device, TekCharge MP2250, the appropriate power adapter and the included output cable.

9. What's included with TekCharge MP2250?
TekCharge MP2250 comes with:
Right angle output cord
CradlePoint adapter tip
Bridge tip, 3.4 x 1.3mm
Mounting brackets for CradlePoint travel routers CTR350, CTR500 and PHS300
User guide

10. Why is the bridge tip included?
  Tekkeon provides two types of adapter tips: model # PA-xxxx, a two-pin connector type for connection to 5V or higher voltage devices using the standard output cable; and model # UA-xxx, a female DC type for connection to 5V devices using the Tekkeon USB cable for 5V devices. The bridge tip allows you to connect MP2250 with the included cable to all Tekkeon UA-xxx tips.

11. How do I charge TekCharge MP2250?
  You will use the CradlePoint power adapter (5V, 2.5A-3.0A) to charge TekCharge MP2250.

12. Is TekCharge MP2250 easy to set up?
  Yes. You simply connect the right angle output cord and adapter tip between TekCharge MP2250 and the device.

13. Do I have to remove the batteries from my device to charge the device batteries?
  No, you do not need to remove the batteries from the device. TekCharge MP2250 simply connects to the external power jack on your device.

14. How can I determine the remaining battery capacity?
  Indicators on the top of TekCharge MP2250 provide a visual indication of the remaining capacity. These same indicators also indicate the power level when you are charging the TekCharge MP2250 internal battery.

15. Do all portable devices have a power jack?
  No, not all portable electronic devices include a power jack. TekCharge MP2250 can only be used with devices that include a power jack.

16. How long can I use TekCharge MP2250 with my device before recharging the internal battery?
  The length of time TekCharge MP2250 can be used to power and/or charge your device depends on the device it is charging. Following is the approximate time that TekCharge MP2250 will power each device:

Portable Device Power on the Go
CradlePoint travel routers 6 hours
Mobile phones 29 hours of talk time
PDAs 10 hours
Portable media players 14 hours of playback
Bluetooth headsets 122 hours of talk time
MP3 players 70 hours of audio playback

Hours shown are approximate, and will vary depending on connected device.

17. If both my device and TekCharge MP2250 are out of power, can I charge them both together?

Yes, you can charge both TekCharge MP2250 and your device by connecting TekCharge MP2250 to a power outlet while connected to your device.

18. Can TekCharge MP2250 provide my device with too much voltage?

No. TekCharge MP2250 regulates the output voltage to fixed 5.0V so it will not overpower your device.

General Information

19. How long is the TekCharge MP2250 warranty?

TekCharge MP2250 comes with a one-year limited warranty.

20. What safety features do Tekkeon batteries provide?
Flame-retardant plastics that exceed industry requirements
Control of battery voltage and charging current through standards-based algorithms
Safey mechanisms to prevent over-charging (over-discharging, over-current, short circuit)
Charge rates that comply with battery cell manufacturer recommendations

21. Can I take TekCharge MP2250 on an airplane?

Yes, Each battery contains 2.1 grams of lithium, which is less than the FAA maximum of 8 grams for carry-on luggage.


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