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TekCharge MP2250
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TekCharge MP2250 Reviews

"The Tekkeon TekCharge is an easy way to get power to your mobile device...I can get up to twelve hours of talk time out of a device like this, which works with your digital camera, mobile phone and other devices."

"Customers can rest assured that unlike other 5v battery packs designed mainly for devices with lower amperage requirements like cell phones, ipods and portable gaming systems, the MP2250 will provide all the power needed by any portable Cradlepoint router."

"All in all, I am thoroughly impressed with the performance...[For the test, I received] a whopping 15 hours and 21 minutes of total use! That far exceeds what is advertised...[For a second test] the units ran an equally impressive 13 hours and 06 minutes."
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