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myPower for iPod Troubleshooting



1. myPower does not power iPod.
  Check that iPod is inserted securely into myPower and that the myPower power switch is switched to On.

Check the capacity lights on the front of myPower to verify that myPower has enough capacity remaining as shown here:

When LED is on % Capacity
Third green LED 70-100%
Second green LED 35-70%
First green LED 5-35%
Red LED 1-5%
No LED 0%
  If only the red light is on or all lights are off, charge myPower.

2. myPower does not charge your mobile phone or other 5V device

Check that the myPower power switch is switched to On.

Verify that the voltage and current consumption of the device you wish to charge is not more than 5V or 500mA. If the device consumes more than the maximum provided by myPower, the device will shut down when turned on and cannot be charged by myPower.

Check that the USB charging cable is connected to both myPower and the device, and that the adapter plug fits snugly into the power jack on your device. If not, try another adapter.

Verify that the polarity of the charging cable power jack matches the adapter plug. To do this, identify the device polarity by locating the polarity symbol in the area around the power connector jack. If the device polarity is center positive, match the positive symbol (+) on the selected adapter plug to the positive symbol on the power output cord and connect as shown in the top right figure. If the device polarity is center negative, match the positive symbol (+) on the selected adapter plug to negative symbol (-) on the output cable and connect as shown in the bottom right figure.

Verify that a battery is installed in the device as some devices will not function without a battery installed.

3. Nothing happens when iPod is connected to your computer.

Check the cable connection. Unplug the cable at both ends and make sure no foreign objects are in the FireWire or USB ports, and then plug in the cable.

Ensure that you have installed the software from the iPod CD, and that you are using the required computer and software. See the iPod User’s Guide.

If you are connected via that USB port, ensure that the USB port on your computer is USB 2.0 and not USB 1.1. USB 1.1 is not supported and is significantly slower than the USB 2.0 and FireWire connections.


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