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myPower ALL Troubleshooting

If myPower ALL does not power the portable device or charge the device battery, take these steps:

1. Verify that the current consumption of the portable device is not more than 4Amp. If the device consumes more than the maximum provided by myPower ALL, the device will shut down when turned on and cannot be powered and/or charged by myPower ALL.

2. With the voltage lock in the locked position, press and hold the voltage selector to determine the remaining battery capacity. If it is below 25%, recharge myPower ALL.

3. Check that the output cord is connected to both myPower ALL and the portable device, and that the adapter plug fits snugly into the power jack
on your portable device. If not, try another adapter.

4. Verify that the polarity of the portable device’s power jack matches the adapter plug. In most cases, the polarity is center positive. In this case, you must match the positive symbol (+) on the selected adapter plug to the positive symbol (+) on the power output cord as shown on the top right, and connect. If the polarity is center negative, disconnect the adapter plug from the output cord and reconnect the plug in the opposite direction as shown on the bottom right.

5. Check that the output voltage for your portable device matches or is just below the output voltage set on myPower ALL. If the output voltage is not correct, unlock the voltage lock (if in the locked position), and change the voltage as required.

6. Verify that a battery is installed in the portable device as some devices will not function without a battery installed.

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