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myPower GO Troubleshooting

If myPower GO does not power your portable device or charge the device battery, take these steps:

1. Ensure that the AA batteries are charged.

2. Check that the input/output cord is connected to both myPower GO and the portable device, and that the adapter plug fits snugly into the power jack on your portable device. If not, try another adapter.

3. Verify that the polarity of the device power jack is center positive. If the polarity is center negative, please contact for assistance.

4. Verify that a battery is installed in the portable device as some devices will not function without a battery installed.

5. Verify if your device is designed with charging circuitry that limits the input voltage. If so, myPower GO may not be able to power or charge the device. (For example, if a device is designed to accept only a 4.2V input, then myPower GO may not be able to power or charge the device.)

6. Verify if your device and/or your device’s battery require more than 5V, 500 mA for the input.

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